Compression Springs

We manufacture compression springs also called coil springs on your behalf in the widest range of dimensions, shapes and final processing. We process wires and rods with a wire diameter ranging from 0.16 mm to 7.00mm and an outer diameter of upto 150.0 mm. We are equipped for the following compression spring shapes: cylindrical conical […]

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs, designed to apply torque and store rotational energy are commonly used in many custom applications from brush motors and switches to car door handles and light fixtures. At Ranoson Springs, both single and double torsion springs are available; whichever best meets the customer’s requirements. Specifications Wire Diameter (0.20mm – 4.00mm) Wire Material Ferrous […]

Tension Springs

We manufacture tension springs in the widest range of dimensions, shapes and final processing. Different end loop and hook configurations are available to meet your custom design. Specifications Wire Diameter (0.30mm – 4.00mm) Wire Material Ferrous Non-ferrous Body Types Straight Conical Barrelled Hour Glass Variable Diameter Custom Cross Section Round Square Special Ends Hooks/Loops Side […]

Wire Forms

At Ranoson Springs, we have an optimum infrastructure for producing a wide range of wire forms also known as bent wire parts, all to meet your unique requirements. They are manufactured from a variety of material types and sizes depending on the customer’s design specifications. Our engineers, with the assistance of our in house tooling […]

Company Profile

Founded in 1990, Ranoson Springs is a leading technology focused manufacturer of custom designed springs, wire forms and flat springs. Alongside high volume automotive market in which we are a premier supplier, we also specialise in low volume production through our hand coiling section and a dedicated prototyping department.

We control the entire manufacturing process from engineering design and prototyping, in-house tooling, manufacturing, heat treating, de-burring and plating. Our total process control results in improved quality, delivery and cost efficiencies which is why Ranoson S

We do a lot!

Equipment Highlights Include

 High speed automatic coiler machines for economical long runs
 Manual spring winders for short-run, quick turn production
 Automatic and manual presses
 Ovens for stress relieving and heat treating
 Ranoson spring life testers
 A variety of specialty equipment including tools for all types of metal forming

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