product detail

Product Detail

Torsion springs, designed to apply torque and store rotational energy are commonly used in many custom applications from brush motors and switches to car door handles and light fixtures. At Ranoson Springs, both single and double torsion springs are available; whichever best meets the customer’s requirements.

Wire Diameter

  • (0.20mm – 4.00mm)

Wire Material

  • Ferrous
  • Non-ferrous

Cross Section

  • Round
  • Square
  • Special
Body Types

  • Pitch Wound
  • Closed


  • Straight
  • Hinged Inside
  • Hooked Outside
  • Offset Axially
  • Custom Combinations

Our quality standard, ISO9001:2008, allows all our customers to expect top class quality from the sample to the production part approval process, (PPAP), to production releases. Our engineers evaluate every spring design to ensure functionality and cost effectiveness. Our dedicated manufacturing team is quality oriented and committed to manufacturing springs that meet our customer’s exact needs and specifications. To learn more about torsion springs and how Ranoson Springs can assist you, we invite you to request a quote or contact us today.